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This article is about Zarok as a boss. For the character himself, see Zarok.
None shall defeat the mighty Zarok! So prepare to die Fortesque!

Zarok, MediEvil

Zarok is the final boss of MediEvil. He is fought in Zarok's Lair, right after defeating Lord Kardok.


After Dan defeats Lord Kardok, Zarok finally decides to fight Daniel himself. He leaves the room to transform into a monstrosity.


Zarok's initial attacks are him chasing Dan around, spitting acid at him and swiping at him. He has a magical shield around him, which is disabled when he stands up on his hind legs. That's when the player should strike. The player should use a weapon like the Magic Sword, Dragon Armour or the Spear. Beware, though, once they diminish half of his life he'll start performing another attack which involves creating a powerful force field around him which will not only harm Dan, but will also set him on fire for a while.