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This article is about the music track from MediEvil: Resurrection. For the enemy from MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection, see Wheat Daemons.

Wheat Demons is a song from MediEvil: Resurrection. It's the twelfth track in the MediEvil: Resurrection OST and was composed by Andrew Barnabas and Paul Arnold. It is played during the Scarecrow Fields level and boss fights.

# Track title Composed by Length
1 Welcome to Gallowmere Bob and Barn 6:07
2 The Spell Bob and Barn 4:37
3 Home of the Dead Bob and Barn 6:32
4 A Fiery Confrontation Bob and Barn 4:15
5 Comedy Corpses Bob and Barn 2:21
6 Gallowmere Waltz Bob and Barn 4:07
7 Hall of Heroes Bob and Barn 2:15
8 Village of Madness Bob and Barn 4:09
9 Hilltop Mausoleum Bob and Barn 3:34
10 Scurvy Docks Bob and Barn 2:16
11 George the Pumpkin Bob and Barn 4:15
12 Wheat Demons Bob and Barn 4:09
13 Zarok's Lair Bob and Barn 1:49
14 A Hero Returns Bob and Barn 3:36
15 End Titles Bob and Barn 3:14

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