Triumph in Death is a song from MediEvil. It's the tenth and last track in the Joypad CD Vol.4 - Les musiques de MediEvil and was composed by Andrew Barnabas and Paul Arnold. It is played during the game's End Credits.

# Track title Composed by Length
1 The Awakening Bob and Barn 2:11
2 Quest for Vengeance Bob and Barn 2:09
3 Dan's Waltz Bob and Barn 2:03
4 A difficult path Bob and Barn 2:07
5 Morten's Dance Bob and Barn 1:58
6 Enchanted Wood Bob and Barn 2:07
7 Desecrated Church Bob and Barn 2:13
8 Journey through the Crystal Caves Bob and Barn 2:17
9 City in the Clouds Bob and Barn 2:08
10 Triumph in Death Bob and Barn 2:39

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