This is a list of all locations and landmarks in The Sleeping Village level.


The Church is a building in Gallows Town.

There's a note behind the altar which urges Daniel to restore the Crucifix. A Fountain of Rejuvenation can be found next to the altar. After creating the Crucifix, a small room with a note from the Town Mayor and the Safe Key reveals itself.


The Library is a building in Gallows Town.

There's a dozen books inside the library, such as the HISTORY OF GALLOWMERE, TOURIST GUIDE TO GALLOWMERE and HEROES FROM HISTORY: A Retrospective. Mr. Mad can be found inside. One of the bookcases can be smashed, revealing a note from the Town Mayor, the Crucifix Cast and a moneybag.


The Smithy is a building in Gallows Town.

The forge is owned by Old man Willy Green. Daniel can create the Crucifix here using the Crucifix Cast and the Landlord's Bust. Several barrels (some of which contain moneybags) can be found here along with a Chest which contains a Silver Shield. A copy of BLACKSMITH'S MONTHLY can be found next to the bellows.

Troll's Head

Troll's Head
Troll's Head is a pub in Gallows Town.
It's landlord is Mr Shanks, whose bust Daniel uses to create a new crucifix for the church. Two Mrs. Mads and one Mr. Mad can be found within along with an Earth Rune.

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