Greetings kind sir. I am the Pumpkin Witch.

– Pumpkin Witch, MediEvil

The Pumpkin Witch is a character in MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection. She can be found in The Pumpkin Serpent level and in the Pumpkin Gorge level respectively.


MediEvil / MediEvil: Resurrection

Daniel can summon the pumpkin witch using the Witch Talisman when standing nearby her cauldron. She asks Dan to give the Pumpkin King a lesson and promises to reward him well for it. After defeating the creature, she gives him a Dragon gem.

In MediEvil: Resurrection, she is one of the four holders of a piece of the Anubis Stone and she gives her piece to Daniel as a reward for defeating the Pumpkin King. She's also the sister of the Forest Witch.


She has two distinct sides to her personality: Cloying, motherly and sickeningly twee, mixed with a cunning and nasty witchiness!



  • (after defeating the Pumpkin King) "A most edifying spectacle sir: mand and vegetable in a magnificent duel to the death. Ooh, I've come over all of a doodah. Here, have this lovely Dragon gem as your reward. Ohh, lovely majestic creatures Dragons are."

MediEvil: Resurrection

  • (upon meeting Dan) "Whadda YOU want, you fleshless FREAK? Hang on - is that YOU, Sir Daniel? I didn't recognize you for a moment. Eyebrows make such a difference to a man's looks. As, indeed, does the rest of the face."


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