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The Pumpkin Serpent (パンプキング Panpukingu?) is a level in MediEvil. This level was merged with the Pumpkin Gorge level in MediEvil: Resurrection.




PumpChar The Pumpkin Witch
The witch dedicates her entire life raising her surrogate pumpkin family and protecting her precious Dragon gem. She has two distinct sides to her personality: Cloying, motherly and sickeningly twee, mixed with a cunning and nasty witchiness!
MerChar Merchant Gargoyles
These miserable creatures exist only to drain brave heroes of their treasure. However, they must always offer something in return. If you see one of these merchant gargoyles on your travels, see if they have anything to offer that might be of use to you.


PumpkinBoss PUMPKING Pumpkin King
This 'Frankenplant' has outgrown his rightful position in the produce power hierarchy and deserves to be pruned back at the earliest opportunity. Problem is that there are not many brave enough to take on a fruit the size of a small planet and partial to extreme mood swings.


PumpEnem Pumpkin Plants
Pumpkin plants are truly ferocious fruit. Their infamous spit and tongue attacks have driven fear into the heart of many a shrub gardener. In terms of weapon selection one will find that sharp bladed weapons elicit the juiciest and most satisfying damage.
BombEnem Pumpkin Bombs
These homicidal Jack 'o' Lanterns bounce excitedly towards their goal with only one thing on their minds, namely to explode their poisonous juice all over their target! The seasoned adventurer has two options when faced with these advancing bounders. One, run away as fast as possible, or two, destroy the pumpkin bomb before he has a chance to detonate.


Weapons and shields





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The Pumpkin Witch

Before defeating the Pumpkin King

96 Pumpkin Witch:
Greetings kind sir. I am the Pumpkin Witch. I'm like a mother to those pumpkins - I give them all the love and care a young fruit could ever ask for.
From the moment they first push a shoot above the soil, right up until their heads are cut off and eaten - and look, see how they repay me! Running around and causing mischief!
That nasty old big Pumpkin is a bad influence on the young seedlings, if you teach him a lesson in manners I might give you a nice present!

After defeating the Pumpkin King

98 Pumpkin Witch:
A most edifying spectacle sir: man and vegetable in a magnificent duel to the death. Ooh, I've come over all of a doodah.
Here, have this lovely Dragon gem as your reward. Ohh, lovely majestic creatures Dragons are.


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Book 1

The King Pumpkin sleeps - if you want an audience with this regal plant you should mash all of his pod sacks!

Book 2

It is rumored that the Pumpkin Witch is in possession of a much sought after Dragon Gem. If you have a Witch Talisman you could summon this kindly Witch.