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The Haunted Ruins

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The Haunted Ruins
The Haunted Ruins
AKA: Castle Peregrin, Castle Gallowmere
Chalice: Yes
Enemies: Shadow Demons, Flying Demons, Mace Knights, Stone Golems
Preceded by: The Gallows Gauntlet
Followed by: The Ghost Ship
Track: City in the Clouds
Location on Land Map
Unknown   Unknown   The Ghost Ship
The Gallows Gauntlet
Unknown Unknown Unknown
The Haunted Ruins (ぺリグリン城 Perigurin-jō?) is the eighteenth level of MediEvil.



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Book 1

Since the Farmers have been captured by the Shadow Demons the animals here have gone hungry.

Book 2

The Farmers are being held in the courtyard.

At the first sign of trouble the Shadow Demons will sacrifice the captives to the flames. Move quickly, slay the demons on guard and release the farmers.

Book 3

Long ago this was once the majestic Throne room of King Peregrin. Now foul demons stalk the corridors. The spirit of the King must be saddened indeed.

Book 4

Sometimes the ghost of King Peregrin can be seen wandering these halls or sitting mournfully upon his throne. Find his crown and perhaps you can summon him.

Book 5

The castle was constructed on top of a dormant volcano. This great flood gate is all that stands between you and a very hot shower.

Book 6

Hurry - the castle is about to be destroyed! The gates are locked, find an alternative means of travel!

Book 7

Hot scalding Oil! Burn your skeletal toes that will! Better find a way to close the oil vents before crossing.


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