The Asylum Grounds (迷宮のジャック Meikyū no jakku?) is a level in MediEvil. It is not available in MediEvil: Resurrection. Daniel encounters the master of the maze, Jack of the Green, who promises to reward him if he solves his riddles.




GargChar Information Gargoyles
These ugly fellows are often overlooked by all but the wisest of heroes. They do not particularly like Sir Dan, as they know how much of a failure he was when he was alive. Fortunately, Gargoyles can't resist showing of how clever they are and will often give Dan handy hints and clues that can aid him on his quest.
MerChar Merchant Gargoyles
These miserable creatures exist only to drain brave heroes of their treasure. However, they must always offer something in return. If you see one of these merchant gargoyles on your travels, see if they have anything to offer that might be of use to you.


JackChar Jack of the Green
The master of riddles, keeper of the maze. No-one has ever solved his riddles, so no-one has ever left the maze.


MonkEnem Mad Monks
The keepers of the grounds of madness, they bash away at Daniel with their sturdy shovels. If they're not patrolling the area, they can be found sleeping in holes in the ground. They can be awakened by ringing the nearby bells.

Hedge Sculptures

Evil hedges animated
by Zarok's dark magic.


Hedge Dragon


Hedge Zarok


Hedge Octopus


Hedge Man


Weapons and shields






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Jack of the Green

First visit

48 Jack of the Green:
Greetings Sir Fortesque, my name is... Jack of the Green. I am the master of riddles and this maze is my domain.
You are free to leave but ONLY once you've answered four riddles - puzzles so fiendishly difficult, so perplexingly complex that no man has ever solved them - ha, ha, ha. Now try my first riddle..
At night they come without being
By day they are lost without being

First riddle

49 Jack of the Green:
At night they come without being
By day they are lost without being

First riddle solved

53 Jack of the Green:
Well done, Sir Knight. But my Star Riddle was but a trifle - I always like to begin with an easy one.
Return hither - you will not find my next conundrum so simple!

Second riddle

50 Jack of the Green:
I live for laughter
I live for the crowd,
Without it I am nothing.

Second riddle solved

54 Jack of the Green:
All right, yes it was a clown - very clever I'm sure.
Return in haste, Sir knight, for I wish to see the despair on your face when you hear my next cryptic puzzler.

Third riddle

51 Jack of the Green:
Face like a tree,
Skin like the sea,
A great beast I be,
Yet vermin frighten me!

Third riddle solved

55 Jack of the Green:
Did you spot my bluff? I pretended that riddle was hard but in truth it was obviously an elephant.
This time, however, I almost pity you: the answer to my next vexing enigma has eluded the finest minds of a whole generation.
Come to me!

Fourth riddle

52 Jack of the Green:
I tolerate the moon and stars,
I can't abide the sun,
Banish me with torch light
And you'll see me turn and run.

Fourth riddle solved

56 Jack of the Green:
Blast you! It took me ages to come up with that Darkness one!
Very well, outrageous as it seems, my vast intellect has been matched by your badly decomposed brain.
Return at once and I shall give you your prize.

Last visit

57 Jack of the Green:
You think you're so clever don't you?
Here you are Sir Clever Clogs, I grant you free passage through my maze - find your own way out!


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Book 1

This is the garden of Zarok, nothing here is as it first seems. To leave this maze you must first seek out the one called Jack of the Green!

Book 2 (US only)

Show the Clown you care by surrounding him with smiles.

Book 3

Solve this last puzzle and you will open the secret entrance to the asylum - the Town Mayor is imprisoned here, along with an army of madmen.