MediEvil: Resurrection
Sleeping Village - Where you can buy the mayor off for the pie.

Sleeping Village (also known as Gallows Town) is a level in MediEvil: Resurrection.

Dan's Journal Private entry


The deranged inhabitants of the village have been hassling me something rotten, takes all my discipline to stop from slicing and dicing them into possessed pieces.

After much Mayorally contrived shenanigans with a cast, bust, bellows and crossless church I finally have the key to the Mayor's safe!

Blimey O'Reilly - the whole village is crawling with Boiler Guards, back from their tea break.

Opened the Mayor's safe. Inside is a grizzled looking, desiccated old chunk of limb. No, not one of Al's leftover kebabs - the Shadow Demon Claw! Time to make my escape.

Hurrah! Once again the decomposing but plucky Captain Fortesque shows Zarok's men a clean pair of heels! Quite literally, given my lack of Achilles tendons.

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