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This page refers to content that existed in earlier versions of the game, but was eventually removed or repurposed.

Morten is a friendly worm that lives inside Dan's skull in MediEvil. He is only seen during 9AV full motion video. He can also be seen in the game's unused FMV, and was to play a larger role in the game. Morten was replaced by Al-Zalam in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Morten was to have gotten a whole level to himself as he undertakes a perilous mission to steal a door key from the abbey of the mad monks. Morten had to navigate a range of obstacles and there were a few funny moments such as inching your way across the bare feet of prisoners (tickling them in the process) who are hanging upside down in racks.[1] The unused FMV was a prelude to this level. The unused track was also written for this level.[2]




  • The name "Morten" is an Old Danish, Old Swedish and modern variant form of Martin.[3] Martin is derived from the Roman name Martinus, which was derived from Martis, the genitive case of the name of the Roman god Mars.[4] Mars is possibly related to maris, the genitive case of Latin mas, meaning 'male'.[5]


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