But master I...

– Mander, MediEvil 2

Mander is a secondary antagonist alongside Dogman in MediEvil 2. They are the loyal henchmen of Lord Palethorn.



Mander was educated at the best schools in England - what better place to learn every dirty trick in the book? Loyal to Palethorn out of fear rather than duty, he is exploited and bullied by Palethorn to do his bidding. As a side effect of the spell cast by Palethorn, he's mutated into a creature that reveals his primal nature: he became more reptilian, developing scales and a sibilant hissing voice. To complain to his master about this... would have meant certain death! He is motivated by greed and self-preservation, and supports Palethorn only because no-one else can offer him what he does - which, strangely enough, is relatively nothing.



  • Mander's name is short for salamander.


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