Kensington is the third level of MediEvil 2. It consists of two sections: Kensington and Kensington, the Tomb.


From what I can work out, this is the epicentre of the blast. Look around Fortesque, collect as much magic as possible, and see if you can work out who's behind this terrible state of affairs.

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Kensington is the first section of the Kensington level.

This is the first part of London we actually see, and it's featured in the London, 1886 FMV intro.

The rails of the train carrying the Chalice in this level seem to connect Kensington to the Title Screen, but it's known to be no-canon.

By the fountain, we can infer Kensington is a reconstruction of The Sleeping Village, Gallowmere, although some fans think Gallowmere was a location far away from London.