Journey through the Crystal Caves is a song from MediEvil. It's the eighth track in the Joypad CD Vol.4 - Les musiques de MediEvil and was composed by Andrew Barnabas and Paul Arnold. It is played in The Crystal Caves level. It was also used on the main menu in demo versions of MediEvil.

# Track title Composed by Length
1 The Awakening Bob and Barn 2:11
2 Quest for Vengeance Bob and Barn 2:09
3 Dan's Waltz Bob and Barn 2:03
4 A difficult path Bob and Barn 2:07
5 Morten's Dance Bob and Barn 1:58
6 Enchanted Wood Bob and Barn 2:07
7 Desecrated Church Bob and Barn 2:13
8 Journey through the Crystal Caves Bob and Barn 2:17
9 City in the Clouds Bob and Barn 2:08
10 Triumph in Death Bob and Barn 2:39

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