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Mercy... mercy... honourable knight... spare me.

– Jack the Ripper, MediEvil 2

The notorious murderer known as Jack the Ripper is a boss from MediEvil 2. He is fought in The Time Machine level.


He is first encountered at the end of Whitechapel, when Dan is searching for Kiya. Sir Dan finds Kiya crawling away from Jack, but before he is able to reach her, Jack stabs her with his claws and flees the scene. Daniel then retreats to the sewers to mourn Kiya's death, where he discovers the poster for a Time Machine prototype made by the Professor. He is able to reassemble the machine and reaches Kiya before she's killed. Dan distracts Jack, who goes after him instead of Kiya - their battle then begins.

After defeat, Jack begs Daniel for mercy. Daniel ignores him, however, and kills him with a single shot from his pistol.


No wonder they never caught this guy! This is no ordinary bloke, but a monstrous beast with sharp, fearsome claws. Our encounter in this level does not give us the opportunity to fight him and, judging by his looks, perhaps that's a good thing.

Yes, we've encountered this monster before, but the last time he ran off into the night after killing Kiya. This time, we finally get to confront him. He's fast, he has sharp claws that do a lot of damage, and he can rain down energy on our heads. He is also only vulnerable when he drops his guard in order to suck the life out of Kiya.




  • Jack the Ripper is one of the two bosses in MediEvil 2 with 200 health points, which is the lowest amount of health out of all the bosses, the other being Iron Slugger.
  • Jack the Ripper seems to be based on the notorious serial killer Jack The Ripper around Whitechapel, London in 1888 who was responsible for the canonical five ripper victims.


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