Sir Daniel Fortesque is a mod for Don't Starve. It adds Sir Daniel Fortesque to the game as well as many items for him.


In 1386, he defeated Zarok. In 1886, he defeated Lord Palethorn. Now he is back from the dead once again, brought back by the power of nightmare fuel! He needs to prove his bravery for a third time and conquer Maxwell!


  • Motto: "Gulp!"
  • Sanity: 200
  • Health: 100
  • Hunger: 100
  • Perks:
    • He can create items in the Medievil tab.
    • Has a nice armor.
    • Coward. He's afraid of monsters and darkness.


The mod also adds new items for Dan. He can craft them through the Gargoyle Tab.




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Sir Daniel Fortesque mod for Don't Starve

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