MediEvil is a fan comic created by olgatarta and published on DeviantArt. 255 pages have been published so far, with more on the way.


Sir Daniel Fortesque was an excellent storyteller and created stories and lies of heroic deeds that he never did in reality. But King Peregrine believed in these stories and was impressed by Daniel's heroism, so he knighted him. Sir Daniel also became the leader of the royal guard. But the reality was that Dan was a coward and never fought dragons or did other brave things...

The sorcerer Zarok - formerly the king's court magician - wanted to take revenge on the king and rule the kingdom of Gallowmere. Sir Daniel - despite having absolutely no fighting skills - had to lead the royal army in the war. The cowardly knight fell a few seconds after the war started and got buried later as "a hero like himself deserves ", because the people believed Fortesque killed the sorcerer and saved Gallowmere. During the time lots of legends were created to show Sir Dan as a true hero.

A hundred years later, Zarok returns and raises an army of the dead to invade Gallowmere once more. Unfortunately, the spell wakes up Sir Daniel too and so gives him the chance to stop the sorcerer and to become a true hero.


  • Prologue - 55 pages
  • Dan's Crypt - 30 pages
  • The Graveyard - 23 pages
  • Cemetery Hill - 18 pages
  • Hilltop Mausoleum - 57 pages
  • Return to the Graveyard - 33 pages
  • Gallowmere Plains - 16 pages
  • Scarecrow Fields - 23 pages (and counting)

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