These fireflies are my friends; they will light your way through the darkness below.

– Fairy, MediEvil

The Fairies are baby-faced gangster forest folk. They can be found in the Ant Caves in MediEvil and in the Enchanted Forest in MediEvil: Resurrection.



In MediEvil, Daniel is tasked by the leader of the fairies to rescue his six friends from the Ants' nest in return for a free visit to the Hall of Heroes.

MediEvil: Resurrection

When Dan enters the Enchanted Forest, he finds Cauldron at its outer edge. Placing the Witch Talisman here will summons the recluse and ill-tempered Witch of the Forest, who is making a potion that will cure the Pumpkin Witch he met earlier of her malady. To do so, she needs four faerie fungi held in earnest by a Faerie gang. She grants him a Butterfly Net for trapping the foul-tongued rogues scattered about the forest. The successful apprehension of all four, and the submission of the fungi, will grant Sir Dan passage to the tomb of the Shadow Demons.



  • The fairies were inspired by Bob Hoskins' roles of Cockneys and gangsters.[1]


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