Urghh... Enough... I yield! That really hurt. What did you have to go and do that for? Here, take this Dragon Potion and leave me alone! Drink it when you need it - it gives you armour that is impervious to heat, plus it lets you breathe fire. Now go away!

The Dragon, MediEvil

The Dragon Armour (龍の涙 Ryuu no namida, lit. Dragon's Tears?) is an item given to Dan by The Dragon after his defeat in MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection.

Description and usage

Once it is activated, Daniel's appearance alters slightly to that of a dragon, while he also gains resistance against fire and the ability to breathe fire. The Armour is required to pass through the Dragon Gate in The Gallows Gauntlet. Wearing the Armour in the Japanese version slowly depletes Daniel's health.



  • The Dragon Potion would have originally transformed Dan into Dragon Dan instead of providing him with the Dragon Armour.
  • The early icon for the Armour consisted of a red bottle with a dragon's tail and head coming out of it.
    • A model of this earlier incarnation of the potion appears in the Rolling Demo. It can only be accessed through hacking.[1]