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Last of the Fortesque line. The Colonel led his men to a watery grave. He fights on in death in the vain hope of one day tasting victory.

– Official in-game description.

Colonel Freddie Fortesque is a character in Ghosthunter.


After leaving a haunted school building, Lazarus (the game's main protagonist) visits a ghost ship. As he progresses to the ship bridge, he meets Colonel Freddie, who explains that he and his crew are British soldiers and that they died carrying the spoils of war to the King in 1945. Even after death, he and his men are trying to protect one of the treasures, The Dagger of Poseidon, from the ship's captain, Kraken. Kraken had become greedy and tried to take the Dagger, killing the Colonel's men. Although Freddie had killed him, Kraken had become a monster. Lazarus eventually manages to defeat and capture Kraken. He is also forced to capture Fortesque, as he is a ghost as well.