Books appear in each MediEvil game. They're scattered across the games' levels and may contain hints, jokes or background information about the game.

Lists of books

List of named books


  • A GUIDE TO COVENS - for Witches and Witchcraft enthusiasts - Found inside the Witches' Coven in Cemetery Hill.
  • HISTORY OF GALLOWMERE - Volumes 1-4 - All volumes can be found in the Library in The Sleeping Village.
  • TOURIST GUIDE TO GALLOWMERE - Parts 1 & 2 - Both parts can be found in the Library in The Sleeping Village.
  • HEROES FROM HISTORY: A Retrospective - Found in the Library in The Sleeping Village.
  • BLACKSMITH'S MONTHLY - Found inside the Smithy in The Sleeping Village.
  • SPELL BOOK - Found in The Entrance Hall of Zarok's Castle. Central to the conflicts of all MediEvil games.
  • The Secret Diary of Zarok - Found in The Entrance Hall.

MediEvil 2


  • Before the implementation of books into the game, the Gargoyles served as placeholders for them.

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