The Autumn of Death is the name given to the incident that happened in London in 1886.[1] After recovering the pages of Zarok's spell book eight years prior, Lord Palethorn finally decided to cast the Spell of Eternal Darkness and began his quest for world domination.


In 1886, successful industrialist Lord Palethorn cast the Spell of Eternal Darkness over London, reanimating the dead. Unfortunately for him, he also mistakenly awakens Sir Daniel Fortesque, a hero who fought the very same dark spell 500 years ago. Sir Dan is quickly introduced to the new world by Winston the Help Ghost and joins forces with Professor Hamilton Kift. On a quest to find out more about the evil sorcerer responsible for the spell, Daniel encounters his loyal henchmen, Dogman and Mander. Daniel later manages to save an ancient Egyptian Princess named Kiya from her tomb in the Museum. It is soon revealed that Palethorn doesn't have full control over the undead, because he lacks the final pages of the spell book. Daniel thus sets out on a mission to recover the missing pages of Zarok's spellbook and put a stop to Palethorn's plans before it's too late. 


Palethorn eventually managed to reclaim all the pages of the spell book and summoned a great Demon to fight Daniel. Daniel defeated Palethorn's henchmen, the Demon and Palethorn himself as well. What follows is dependent on the number of Chalices Daniel collected during his quest.

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